YouTube Vanced app for android is the modified version of the YouTube app that gives you access to YouTube PREMIUM features for FREE that includes:

  • Background Play
  • No Ads
  • Download videos and play them offline
  • You don’t need to root your device (If your device is rooted, you need to follow different procedures than described on this page to install YouTube Vanced.)

Note: YouTube vanced has stopped working. Please install the new YouTube revanced which is continuation to YouTube vanced.

How To Install YouTube Vanced?

To install YouTube vanced apk, you first need to install microG on your device. Since Google doesn’t allow you to sign in to your account from YouTube vanced, microG is a service that allows you to log in to your Google account from vanced YouTube.

The developers have made things easy for you. Now, you can install both microG and YouTube Vanced from a single app- Vanced Manager. All you need to do is download the Vanced manager apk file and install it and follow on-screen instructions.

If this is your first time installing app outside of Google Play store (apk file), scroll down to find instructions.

How to install YouTube Vanced Apk on Android?

Step 1: Download Vanced manager Apk file.

Step 2: Install it. If it is your first time installing an apk file, you must allow installation from unknown sources in settings. This process is different depending upon your android model.

Android 7.0 (Nougat) and below: If you are using Android 7.0 or older version, Go to settings of your device. Then find Security. Inside Security search for Unknown Sources and turn it on.

For Android 8.0 (Oreo) and Above: If you are using a newer version of Android, tap on the apk file you just downloaded and you will see the following window (you may see the name of the browser you use in place of Brave):

Tap on settings and turn on Allow from this source.

Now Go back to installation screen and finish installing Vanced manager.

Step 3: Open the Vanced Manager app and you will see two options to install one for Vanced and one for microG. You have to install micro G first. After microG is downloaded, if you are using Android 8 or newer, you have to again allow installation from this source for Vanced Manager. For the older version of Android, you don’t have to do anything.

Step 4: If you see Reinstall option in microG, this means microG has finished installing and you can proceed to install the Vanced app. You will be asked for confirmation to install YouTube Vanced after the download is completed.

Step 5: You will be asked to choose language and theme. Choose the ones you prefer and you will see a success window as in the screenshot below after YouTube Vanced is successfully installed.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. Please visit if you want to connect to original developers. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.